Have you ever heard about skin icing? Skin icing is one of the most popular modern beauty rituals. It contributes to better looking skin. It has long been used in spas and skin care treatments because of its numerous skin benefits.

Skin icing is a regular technique in Korean women’s skin care treatments.

According to health experts, skin icing is able to:
Refresh the face
Prevent the formation of wrinkles
Fight acne and blemishes
Improve blood circulation and give the skin a healthy complexion
Here are some more benefits provided by this morning and evening ritual:

Smoother Skin

Skin icing helps tighten and shrink enlarged pores by helping to unclog pores that can appear larger due to debris and excess sebum. Skin icing tones face skin and makes it look smooth.
Pore Primer

Skin icing is not an expensive skin toner and is great when applied before makeup. It minimizes the pores underneath the makeup, helping the foundation look smooth and flawless. Try icing your face and after that, apply your primer.

Improves Circulation

Skin icing improves blood circulation. Ice tightens blood vessels and less blood goes to the skin surface. In cases of inflammation or swelling, skin icingis great. The body responds to the cold treatment by sending an increased flow of warm blood to the treated area.

Great For Puffy Eyes

Skin icing reduces swellings, and thus reduces the bags under your eyes.

Wrinkle Buster

Icing relieves the signs of wrinkles and slows the creation of new wrinkles.

Control Blemishes

Additionally, skin icing is great for pimples, because it reduces swelling and redness. The ice also eases irritation.

You can use the skin icing technique once you notice a new pimple. It will slow the inflammation. This will reduce the size and number of blemishes. You should hold an ice cube on the acne for several second. Repeat the treatment every other night.

Skin icing should be done in the morning and/or evening. Follow these instructions:

Firstly, you have to cleanse your face thoroughly.
Wrap one or two ice cubes in a gauze or any other kind of soft cloth.
Once the ice starts melting and dampens the cloth, you should apply it to the face.
Hold the washcloth on different areas of the face for about one to two minutes..
By using circular movements, move the ice gently. Go up along the chin and the jaw line, up the cheeks, and along the forehead and nose. Be careful with the area underneath your eyes.
Finish with toner, acne treatment or moisturizer.


You do not always have to use a cloth when you apply the ice cubes, but it is recommended that you use gloves so that the cubes will not melt right away.
You should not worry in a case you cannot use ice directly on the skin. You will get the same results, by holding the cubes with a soft cloth.
Extreme cold can damage the small capillaries under the skin, so don’t use the ice cubes right out of the freezer.
Avoid using ice if you already have broken capillaries and do not use it for too long.
If you do not feel comfortable, you should stop the treatment. The icing should not be applied for more than 15 minutes.
If you want to have better results, you can add come lemon, rosewater, green tea, cucumber, chamomile tea, and other skin-friendly ingredients to the water for the ice cubes, depending on your skin type.

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