Hair color is associated with any number of personality characteristics: “Blondes have some good times” and “Redheads have awful tempers.” But what numerous individuals do not understand is that while your hair color can give just restricted insight on your identity, it really offers a lot of information about your wellbeing. Read what your hair color tells about you and your health.


Brunette the most common hair color is additionally the most coarse and thick hair sort. Brunettes have fewer hairs on their head than their blonde and red-haired partners. As indicated by Women’s Health, this implies those with brown hair are at a higher danger for hair loss, seeing as they have less to lose. Brown hair is brought on by an increment in melanin. While these expanded levels of melanin mean you are less likely to make skin issues, they likewise mean you are more susceptible to nicotine habit. Nicotine is known to accumulate in tissue containing melanin, taking into account a recent report. Melanin likewise keeps the body from metabolizing nicotine as fast. This implies the drug stays in the bodies of brunettes for more time and brings about addiction more rapidly. Not all is terrible for brunettes. As indicated by Men’s Health, men will probably wed a brunette than they are a blonde. This is on the grounds that they associate ladies with brown hair as being more reliable and steady.


Blonde hair is the second most popular hair color in the human populace and is frequently associated with style and sex appeal. As per Men’s Health experiment, it is demonstrated that men will probably offer assistance to a lady with blonde hair than some other color. Notwithstanding these constructive qualities associated with this lighter color, there are a few genuine wellbeing dangers for individuals with blonde hair. Blonde hair is brought about by an absence of melanin in the body. Because of this absence of melanin, individuals with blonde hair are additionally more inclined to skin and eye issues. As indicated by a study, if you have blonde hair and blue eyes you are at a higher danger for adding to an eye condition called age-related macular degeneration. This condition is the main source of irreversible vision loss in Americans aged 50 and over. This condition can be stopped by protecting your peepers from prolonged exposure to daylight utilizing sunglasses. Alongside fair eyes, fair skin likewise tends to come hand in hand with blonde hair. An absence of melanin in the skin implies that individuals with blonde hair are at a high risk for developing melanoma.

Red hair is the most uncommon hair color on the planet. As indicated by a report by the BBC, an estimated one to two percent of the world’s populace has regular red hair and most of these people live in Northern Europe. Women’s Health reports that individuals with red-hair regularly have increased self-esteem. This is because of the self-satisfying prophecy that individuals with red hair are fiery and passionate. Men’s Health additionally revealed that individuals with red hair have much more dynamic sex lives than those with brown and blonde hair. According to one study it is found that individuals with red hair are more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease. The genetic mutation that prompted their bright hair color, additionally gives them a higher danger for developing the degenerative illness. This same genetic change makes individuals with red hair to have a higher tolerance for anesthesia, which might be or might not be a good thing, depending on how you look at it. Another issue for individuals with red-hair can be the sun exposure. In light of a report by the BBC, this is nothing to worry about for redheads on the grounds that they can produce higher amounts of vitamin D in their bodies than other hair colors. This implies that lack of sunlight does not influence a redhead as much as it would another person.

Before you get worried about these health risks that are associated with hair color, you should know that it is based only on natural hair color.

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