Although new trends require natural appearance, a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures that can be done every day are becoming wider and wider. However, the most popular aesthetic surgery in the world remains the same, which is breast enhancement with silicone or fat.
However, except for the price, there are things you need to know before you decide to go under the knife.

1. You can choose the shape of silicone, but you can not get huge breasts in one operation.

2. Apart from silicone, you can implant the fat tissue sucked from other parts of your body.

3. After the surgery youcan completely lose the feeling in your nipples.

4. There is no silicone that will look and act like a real breast.

5. Breast implants surgery may affect breast-feeding in the future.

6. Recovery is extremely painful and unpleasant, you need to rest at least seven days.

7. If you implant silicones, this will probably not be your last breast surgery. Silicones have a expiration date, so a quarter of women who undergo this procedure must repeat the same for ten years.

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